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Mount Shasta, Part I | Podcast 11

Mount Shasta, Part I | Podcast 11 Mount Shasta, Part I | Podcast 11 Mount Shasta, Part I | Podcast 11
  • On October 7, 2013

In Podcast #11 of In Ice Axe We Trust (IIAWT), Chris and Matt head into Northern California to discuss Mount Shasta, the second tallest peak in the Cascades, and the fifth tallest mountain in all of California, clocking in at 14,179 feet.

That’s no mountain – that’s a volcano! (And a mountain). Rising above the Northern Californian plains, Mt. Shasta dominates the surrounding area. If that wasn’t enough, the peak has a phantasmagorical history, with monsters, mythical creatures, and a long lost race living inside the mountain. Listen to this episode to learn how-to climb the mountain, and avoid the dangers both real and surreal that may or may not exist in the area.

Mount Shasta

To discuss how to climb the mountain via the Avalanche Gulch Route, Matt and Chris bring on an expert that’s a certified Doctor – Ephrat. Fresh off her climb of Denali, WhereisDrE has great tips on that seventh summit and about Mt. Shasta.

Date of Podcast: June 12, 2013
Main Subject(s): Mount Shasta (CA), Denali
Guest Host(s): Ephrat
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Podcast 11 Recap

After a great roundtable discussion, Matt, Chris, and Dr. E, agree that all mountaineers should avoid batsquatch, sasquatch, Count St. Germain, and all Lemurians on Mt. Shasta. But, on a more serious note, the panel agreed never to follow anyone in sneakers through the Red Banks; and to see some stunning photos of Dr. E’s climbs, her website “Lost in the Mountains” has some great shots, and some great Trail Reports.

For more information about this mountain, see the Mount Shasta page, which includes directions, detailed route information, and more.

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